Entire World

Entire World is owned and operated by Austin Gray. Based in Nashville, Entire World is a full-service design agency that specializes in branding and logo design.


Austin Gray

Austin Gray is a native of Salina, Kansas and has lived in Nashville, Tennessee since 2004.

His interest in design started at age 8 when he picked up some Crayola markers in his basement and designed (a fairly hideous) solid-blue uniform for the Seattle Mariners. Countless hours were spent designing new logos and uniforms for existing teams and entire fictional sports leagues. He, his brother, and best friend came up with designs for their own shoe company. From there, Austin started designing uniforms for his little league baseball teams and had his first corporate logo adopted at age 14. From childhood, graphic-design-as-occupation has been a singular vision.

Austin attended the esteemed graphic design program at Fort Hays State University and graduated cum laude in 2003. He then headed to Nashville for an internship at the legendary Hatch Show Print. It is there that he met his now-wife, Delaney. He worked for Delevante Creative for 8 years and started Entire World in the fall of 2013. In 2016, Austin was one of only a handful of Nashivlle-based designers to speak at the Brand New Conference in Nashville. Video of the speech is available upon request. Probably.

Austin and Delaney married in 2010 and are the proud parents of four cats. It is reportedly chaos. He still likes sports (particularly University of Kansas basketball and Manchester City Football Club) and sports uniforms (particularly the brown-and-yellow Padres uniforms of the late '60s). He has over 250 soccer jerseys, he takes off work for the first two days of March Madness, and he's a two-time fantasy football champion. He likes brandy, speaking Spanish and wearing fitted caps.

He would love to design your logo.

The latest Entire World work can be seen on Instagram.

If football shirts/soccer jerseys are your thing, please check out Soccer Sigils, an Instagram feed in which Austin explains the origin stories of the crests and colors of shirts he owns.

Special thanks are reserved for Clayton Jenkins, who took the majority of the photos on this site. Additional photos provided by Logan Buerlein. Thanks to him, too.