Two Bits is a restaurant/bar/arcade in Midtown Nashville. The food is great, the beer is cold, and the games are free. I tried to make a logo that has an "Americana," carnival-ride feel. Secondarily, I tried to incorporate the idea of "versus" in some of the materials. Heads vs tails, blue vs red, you vs me.


Here's a pattern that appears on a few things throughout the restaurant. It includes several retro-videogame icons.

The flipside of the coaster is intended to look like a shuffleboard puck. The red pucks would be "heads" vs the blue "tails," and patrons could then have their own makeshift shuffleboard matches on the bar top (possibly to the bartender's chagrin). They never printed red ones, though, and once the blue ones were gone, they were gone for good. For shame.

This is a cool sign, but in truth, I never really cared for shortening it to "TB." It has been my experience that people don't care to identify with infectious disease.

Here's a shirt design that actually was printed, but it was never re-printed. As such, this is just a mock-up and not an actual photograph. It's a collector's item, for sure.