Vinyl Tap is a record shop/craft beer pub in East Nashville. Scratch two itches at once!

The black shirt is a secondary logo of sorts. It's supposed to resemble a Blue Note record in style, combined with a beer tap.

One-color version of the logo, screened onto a bag.

This is one of the murals on the side of the building. I like how the conduit pipes kind of look like a record arm. I must also mention that all the outdoor work was concepted and magisterially executed by the great Bryan Deese.

Some more of Bryan's work.

The pattern is created from silhouettes of the logo. It's not the only place you'll see it.

The silhoutte pattern returns, this time in metallic paint (which is difficult to properly photograph).

Entire World devotees may notice a familiar beer tap.

Wipe your feet on my logo and I'll hunt you down.